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House in favor of HB324,how will Senate vote?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019


Atlanta--This bill that would allow production and sale of Low-level Medical THC oil in Georgia,has been passed by the states House of Representatives. Lawmakers of the House voted 123-40. It now awaits Senates consideration. So how will Senate vote? We all wait in anticipation as what is needed hits close to home. Will the Senate see from the House perspectives? This Bill will also solve the mystery of the 2015 medical marijuana law that allows patients to possess the drug but provided no legal way of obtaining it.

Dr. Yolanda Henderson, director of Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science, commented

"Seeing the strollers like my own with babies who suffer from epilepsy was amazing! Parents just really want and need an alternative to safe effective medicine without harmful side effects. Honorable mothers like myself, Corey, and Jessica Reid, parent of Baby Boy (nick-named Bane) who was at the beautiful Georgia State Capitol building daily, as she met with lawmakers and with her consistency of support for her rare epileptic disorder son. In the meantime,while trying to get past her own economic struggles with the daily expenses associated with the visits. I was able to be a real eye witness of how well the Georgia House represented the HB324 Bill and wholeheartedly agreed with the House of Representatives on the struggles of obtaining the oil in the state. On the other side of the Bill, (Pros VS cons), It's going to take time for dispensaries to get up and operated and the fact that some of the fine print of the bill did not include certain key issues of the growing, monitoring, and safe handling practices, past criminalized convictions employment, and high cost . Additionally, the amount of dispensaries needed in Georgia according to Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science previous blog which stated statistical info used by others states by the population. For example, Please refer to blog It was also not in favor amounts of smaller dispensaries startup cost that would fulfill the 2,184 dispensaries needed in Georgia. The amounts were very pricy and not many veteran owned or minority businesses could reach those million dollars prices.

In Georgia, It is illegal to grow, possess, buy, sell, or transport the substance to Georgia.

The new bill would offer patients who are already registered with the state as being allowed to possess low-level >5%THC oil to legal access to the product that is safe and inspected.

Currently, Georgia's Law allows individuals with 16 targeted health conditions, including cancer, seizure disorders, and parkinson's disease, to possess low-level medical THC oil.

This final passing will also make history as the first time Georgia has access to legal medical use of marijuana oil. Has Georgia started fighting for it? Yes, but the fight is far from over says some business owners who wish to be apart of the industry. Also, advocacy is done by simply finding out who your state representatives are for your area. Then give them a call or send an email. Next, joining your local advocacy groups like NORML Peachtree, or "Women of norml" Westside, and Norml Columbia in Georgia, Veterans4cannabis, or M4MM Georgia, who can stand with you in numbers. They will go with you to the States Capitol and justice can be heard. At the Atlanta Academy of Cannabis science, one of our goals is to be the innovators of education to provide knowledge to all who are included in this large industry solution bill, on a medical and business side. Visit us online , Enroll in our in class, seminars, workshops, or online courses today. Classes now in english and espanol call 404-631-6360 or more information on investment opportunities, consulting, and more. We'll see you April 27th at the Marriott Emory area for our First seminar for Doctors and Health Professionals. Get your tickets now! -

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