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Medical cannabis and cannabis

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Medical Cannabis: A Five Part Seminar


Meets: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 5 sessions


Location:CE Main Campus 325

Module 1 covers the historical journey and the, biochemistry of cannabis\ medical marijuana.


Module 2 explains the agricultural stages of cannabis, from seed to lab, to market. (Please note: Students will not handle real hemp or cannabis seed in this class. 


Module 3 covers the principles of pharmacology, its application, and dosage. Students will learn the influence of cannabis biochemistry on the nervous system and the relationship between cannabis use in traditional and alternative medicine.


Module 4 covers cannabis hemp law and current regulations, including, Ga.HB213 and Ga. HB324. [Regulations regarding opening a dispensary in Georgia.]? The final Module for the course, is Module 5.

Module 5 covers the business aspect of medical marijuana and the commercial market for cannabis and its derivatives.

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