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Virtual Dispensary anyone? Owner joins the largest wave of legal cannabis!


March 28, 2024

For immediate release

Dr. Yolanda Henderson N.D, owner, educator of Atlanta Academy of cannabis science, founder of The Gift of life Community home and Institute, has joined with Cannaglobe to offer virtual dispensary business opportunities to students over 21.

Students can now know what it's like to operate their own DIY Virtual dispensary with new company Cannaglobe (originally founded by Marty Hale) now you can be apart! Rolling stones magazine is saying "if it seems like a new state is legalizing cannabis nearly every week don't worry, you're not high! States are indeed legalizing cannabis at an unprecedented pace. The wave of green legislation doesn't seem like it's going to start ebbing up either. Forbes is saying "the cannabis industry is expected to grow 700%. The Wall Street journal is saying this business is allowing people to come into it and start a business that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to start. This Cannaglobe opportunity offer benefits such as, no experience, no storefront, no inventory, no license, no apologies, and its 100% legal. How is this all legal? According to the agriculture improvement act of 2018 aka the 2018 farm bill, defines " Hemp" as a cannabis with a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration with less than that of 0.3% by dry weight and removes it from the federal control substance schedules. All of Cannaglobe dispensaries contain over 200 products thats hemp derived plus other product including microdose legal mushrooms. All hemp derived (HDI) product have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) by a DEA certified lab. All you have to do is create a business name or use an existing one and share your link or QR code and start selling in the US and in 22 countries around the world. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and Cheech & Chong have brands in the dispensary. Other major influencers like Dan Bilzerian, Holly Barker, and Scotty Huss who have millions of social media followers have their brands in Cannaglobes dispensaries.

Dr. Yolanda Henderson aka "Cannabis Doc", ND, wife, professor, mother of 8, Multiple sclerosis survivor, army vet, past caregiver mother of epilepsy child, serial entrepreneur, stated," I have seen many business models, but not one that is like Cannaglobe. Here everyone is like family, and everyone has a seat at the cannabis table financially. I have tried to open dispensaries, but with the high startup cost and even the legalization obstacles, paying staff and needing extra security for fear of robberies. With this company, they will assist me with branding of a quality product 100% paid for by the company. I'm already preparing a name for my HDI product sold and advertised in the virtual dispensary.

The cannabis plant derivates aka hemp, also provides a wellness benefit to the endocannabinoid system. The largest receptor system of both CB1 and CB2 receptors, and the master regulator of homeostasis of the body. The ECS was discovered in 1988 by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, father of cannabis research who recently passed away at age 92 March 10, 2023. because of the newness of the discovered system, it was not widely taught in medical schools. Not to make medical claims, you can get state approved knowledge At The gift of life community home Institute, you learn about this system and in cannaglobe the products work with this system. Until now dispensaries were not an obtainable goal for many, now everyone can join! Want to join now visit or call 404-631-6360 for details. You can also come to the school for medical cannabis business info, now enrolling with the opportunity to open your own dispensary, work with patients as a cannabis health coach, and receive new info on mushroom product. Our new location is 3100 Interstate North circle suite 200 Atlanta Georgia 30339. You can also join the wave of events in the communities around town locally on Thursday nights at 7pm 590 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta GA 30308 and Tuesdays at The Healing Environment located in Smyrna GA.

Meet us in Las Vegas 4-19-thru



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