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The State of Cannabis/Hemp


March 11, 2022 for immediate Release

The State of Cannabis/Hemp

The Atlanta Black Chambers Governmental Affairs Committee is launching its Strategic Agriculture Initiative. This initiative will reach out not only to Atlanta, but to other States across the Southeast Region, Businesses, Industry Leaders, Legislators, Educational Institutions, Processors, Marketers, Growers, Students as well as Individual Contributors. This powerful informative event will be hosted via Zoom on March 17th, 2022from 7- 9 PM EST by Committee member Mr. Henry Jones. The moderator for this event will be Vice President of Governmental Affairs Dr. Diane Adoma, featuring a distinguished panel of Dr. Mike Villa (CO), Mr. Fredrick Cawthorn (TN), Dr. Yolanda Henderson (TX), Mr. Life Griffith (GA) and Mr. Handy Kennedy (GA). Please tune in and hear what these powerful speakers will be informing you in the process of hemp/cannabis and how it relates to the changes in the cannabis industry across America.


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