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Bottles of Essential Oil

Choose a Plan or Course That Fits You

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1 Year of Medicinal Cannabis education

Includes all our educational products:

161 Virtual Courses in 5 languages

50 eBooks

50 Audiobooks

24 Issues of Cannabis World Journals Magazine + Annual Subscription

Virtual Courses

Tuition and Fees

Annual access to online courses for Atlanta Academy alumni   $199 
Benefits for Graduates of Alpha Academy of Cannabis Science Courses and Programs

Medical Cannabis Comprehensive $899 for 60 Hr

Medical Cannabis Business $710 for 12 Hrs. 

Medical Cannabis Health Coach $1,154 for 60 Hrs.

Payment plans, and scholarships available Tuition is $420 Application fee is $125 Other cost Book is $165 uniform $150 Board Certification through AADP $265, Lab coat $29


READ, LISTEN AND WATCH our products about cannabis. You choose when and how!


Introduction to the Medical
Uses of Cannabis


Properties of Cannabis Derivatives in Alzheimer´s Disease


Cannabis and Sexuality
Discover its effects and benefits


My First Cannabis Crop
Techniques and processes that I must know


Cannabis in the treatment of Austim Spectrum Disorder Patient


Coffee and Cannabis
The mixture that is here to stay


Benefits of Medical Cannabis in Glaucoma


Cannabis in nutrition
Supplement or superfood?

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