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Georgians Celebrate Gov. Kemp Signing HB324 for 4/20

Georgians prayed for the relief of House Bill 324, Gov Kemp signs before 4/20


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History was made in Georgia when Governor Brian Kemp [R] signed Georgia’s Hope Act (HB324), a piece of legislation to permit the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of healthcare cannabis in the state.

Georgia legalized healthcare cannabis oil for certified individuals in April of 2015 when then-governor Nathan Deal [R] signed Haleigh’s Hope Act (HHA) into law.

But even even though HHA permitted individuals to use cannabis oil legally, it did not let for production or sales inside Georgia, leaving persons to uncover sources outdoors the state.

Governor Deal signed HB65 in May well of 2018, which authorized the formation of the Joint Study Commission on Low THC Healthcare Oil Access in August to investigation the access of low-THC oil and discover associated challenges which includes cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing.

The Commission in the end encouraged that the Basic Assembly really should pass legislation to license ten cannabis cultivators and permit as several dispensaries as needed to assure sufficient access across the state.

In February of 2019, legislators introduced HB324, a bipartisan bill to let the production and sale of cannabis oil in Georgia below the authority of a seven-member Georgia Access to Healthcare Cannabis Commission to be made below the act.

The Basic Assembly gave final approval to HB324 on April 2nd with a 33 to 20 vote in the Senate prior to sending it to Governor Kemp’s desk.

Beneath HB324, individuals with seizure issues, cancer, Parkinson’s illness, or any of the 16 qualifying situations will have in-state access to healthcare cannabis oil containing up to five% THC.

HB324 creates healthcare cannabis cultivation licenses for up to six private growers and two designated universities.

Georgians celebrated 4/20 April is upon us and with it, everybody’s favorite day to celebrate cannabis. Communities of fans across the US celebrate the date of 4/20 with smoke-outs, festivals, and other cannabis-centric gatherings. But many of us are unfamiliar with the stories behind the numbers — where they came from, how they’ve been used over the years, and why they’re significant.

So, whether you’ve been a consumer for years or have never tried the stuff, here’s what you should know about the origin of 420.

The stories you’ve heard are wrong

Most of us have heard plenty of stories about where the term 420 came from. But the vast majority of those are myth. The number is not a police radio or penal code, it’s not the date a famous stoner died, and it’s not the number of chemical compounds in cannabis (actually more than 500 according to UCLA Health).

420 did start in the 1970s

420’s most likely origin story dates to 1971, when a group of San Rafael High School students — some say 12, but it's probably more like 5 — who called themselves the “Waldos.” Once a week, the friends would meet at a campus statue at 4:20pm — after sports practices let out — to get high and search for an untended cannabis plant rumored to have been abandoned in the nearby Point Reyes Forest.

High Times & the Grateful Dead helped the term spread

When one of the “Waldos” got a job as a roadie with the Grateful Dead, tour insiders and fans of the band picked it up. Deadheads started making and distributing flyers encouraging people to smoke at 4:20 on 4/20, and High Times magazine published an example in 1991. It’s noteworthy that these flyers are probably where the false police code myth got its traction.

420 is part of popular culture

Since High Times published that 420 flyer in 1991, the number has filtered from the margins into more mainstream popular culture. For example, the clocks in Quentin Terantino’s 1994 film “Pulp Fiction” and Sophia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” (2004) were set to 4:20 and it shows up in songs by everybody from Snoop Dogg to Crosby, Stills & Nash. In 2003, California even named a medical cannabis senate bill for it.

The date became a day of resistance

As word about 420 spread, people were no longer just using it to meet up with friends. April 20 became a calling card of sorts and groups used the number to bring of cannabis activists and enthusiasts together for public smoke-outs, protests, and festivals that simultaneously celebrated the cannabis counterculture status and sought to push it from the margins.

Now that states across the nation have legalized cannabis for medical and-or recreational use, some are calling for an end of the 420 movements. But arguably, until cannabis stigma is truly erased, it’s worth using the slang term as a rallying cry and a reminder of the plant’s history — and precarious legal status — in the US.

Georgian Celebrated 420 with lots of fun and knowledge

Georgia held many 420 events with one The G420 Summit invited Dr. Yolanda Henderson to be a panelist by J'Lyn Furby with Dr. Jo Esposito, Moderator Shelly Wynter( Talk show Host), and guest keynote speaker, Former Senator, Curt Thompson with cannabis history of former Gov. George Dekle Busbee Sr., who was an American politician who served as the 77th Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia from 1975 to 1983. Former Gov Busbee signed the Controlled Substance Therapeutic Act into law, he intended to reschedule cannabis in 2nd term but never made it. Former Gov, Nathan Deal introduced HB1, with respect to Heligh's Hope Act. To historical Gov. Kemp signing HB324. To see a full line up of speakers and register for next year's summit visit

The women grow popup April 18, 2019 was also amazing with hemp business opportunities hosted by Tianna Smith, of Hemp House, and Exc. Director of Norml Woman's Alliance.

420 2lit Music Fest with indie artist, Ashton London was an awesome 2 day event with lots of indie artist

All weekend was celebrated by Georgians and hope to have a wonderful load of events next year including our CannaCruise Conference 4/20,leaving Miami, FL to Jamaica for 7 days! Only $530pp interior or oceanview and balcony $850pp call 404-631-6360 to sign up including conference seats.

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