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Georgians Celebrate Gov. Kemp Signing HB324 for 4/20

Georgians prayed for the relief of House Bill 324, Gov Kemp signs before 4/20


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History was made in Georgia when Governor Brian Kemp [R] signed Georgia’s Hope Act (HB324), a piece of legislation to permit the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of healthcare cannabis in the state.

Georgia legalized healthcare cannabis oil for certified individuals in April of 2015 when then-governor Nathan Deal [R] signed Haleigh’s Hope Act (HHA) into law.

But even even though HHA permitted individuals to use cannabis oil legally, it did not let for production or sales inside Georgia, leaving persons to uncover sources outdoors the state.

Governor Deal signed HB65 in May well of 2018, which authorized the formation of the Joint Study Commission on Low THC Healthcare Oil Access in August to investigation the access of low-THC oil and discover associated challenges which includes cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing.

The Commission in the end encouraged that the Basic Assembly really should pass legislation to license ten cannabis cultivators and permit as several dispensaries as needed to assure sufficient access across the state.

In February of 2019, legislators introduced HB324, a bipartisan bill to let the production and sale of