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Catching up with Cannabis in States where it's medicinally or recreationally legal

When will the states not legal catch up with the cannabis industry in the United States?

To our states that are being slowed down or in the back.... We are the states who don’t know the United States is moving on in an industry without us! It almost feels like the abolition on slavery when Texas was one of the few states to know slavery had ended and now celebrated as Juneteenth!! We are supposed to be apart of the United not the divided States of America. We are the ones not making money and living paycheck to paycheck on jobs that don’t support the already here Cannabis/hemp industry! There are currently 33 states (over half)that has legalized cannabis for either medical or recreational use combined. Additionally, leaving the job market open and losing millions of dollars for that state not legal. Medically, for health purposes and mental/ health for recreation with liberty for all.

According to Bob, a cannabis activist online responded, "Some states will legalize recreational Cannabis in 2018 as it is an Election year and some states will put it to a vote and it will pass in most states that put it to the vote of the people, It will be officially become legal in 2019 but having been voted on in 2018 . There will be a lag in cannabis legislation in 2019 as it is not an election year. But, the state legislatures of small states that border states or Canada with legal recreational cannabis will be quick to notice that their citizens are making a short trip across state lines and spending their cannabis dollars and paying cannabis taxes in the state next door. Practical politicians will create cannabis laws that keep that money in the home state or the citizens of that state will put a legalization measure on the ballot and pass it themselves.

My best guess is that by the time the 2020 voting is counted 47 of the fifty states will have legalized cannabis one way or another". Dr. Yolanda Henderson, Owner and director at The Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science states to recommending Doctors, "there are many ways to not smell like smoke if you are afraid of the scent on medical patients or don't prefer the oil. If you sign up for our 5 week classes at the Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science you can see live videos, and discuss on how other states are already allowing foods, candy, suppositories, and other raw material from the hemp based cannabis plant to break barriers not just for medical purposes but for adult recreation that hardly harms a dog! When will states like Georgia come on board? Well, since the beginning of 2019 we already have Florida, Hawaii, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Maybe we should keep our fingers crossed and follow the lead to grow the plants, supply our sick, and earn our own potential! As you may know many people, businesses, and patients make up the tax payer market. Decriminalizing has already started, now we are patiently waiting on the passing of the bill to reschedule and have plant power to be included. #freemaryjane .

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