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Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science and Clayton State University Continuing and Professional Ed,

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

For Immediate Release: February 12, 2020

Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science with Clayton State University to offer Medical Cannabis Industry Courses Beginning March 7th, 2020


Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science states that if Georgians want to have great medical cannabis laws, they are going to have to continue to fight for it. That means that the passing of HB324 and HB213 will provide us with a direction for the upcoming year by December 31, 2020. But are the possibilities of a new career, local business, and job labor opened up by the full implementation of the new laws set in place to move forward? Well, let’s see.

Think about this for a moment: based on a report from Seattle-based Headset, Inc., the average consumption of cannabis by a patient in the U.S. costs $3,150 per year and if we look at the fact that Georgia's population is about 10.4 million people and if only 1 out of 10 persons takes advantage of and uses medical cannabis as their medication the math is very simple. $3,150 x 1,040,000 people = $3,276,000,000; though these numbers may stagger anyone’s imagination, this could be the economic potential of the implementation of the passing of the new laws. Again, this is if only 1 out of 10 people decide to use this medication, which is a reasonable assumption. Obviously for this to happen, the industry will have to be fully operational. As validation of this type of revenue Pharmacology University cites that the Mayo Clinic recommends that for epilepsy, for the most part, patients are recommended to take 300mg of CBD oil per day, which is 9 grams/month and at $50 per gram (if you are lucky enough to find that low of a price) this equals $450/month or $5,400 per year. In addition, Pharmacology University carefully states that if a pound of Medical Cannabis in Georgia imitates the average price per pound in the rest of the country, for the state of Georgia to fulfill the demand it will have to produce a minimum of 1,755,000 pounds a year, which, in a population of 1,040,000, only equates to 1.67 pounds per patient/year or 2.25 ounces per month/patient and are incredibly conservative estimates. As well, so that we can get an idea of what we are talking about, please know that a 10,000 square foot space could produce 1,500 pounds per year (the variables are enormous based on growing methodologies, strains, etc.); therefore, Georgia could need over one thousand one-hundred 10,000 square foot grow facilities to meet the demand/needs of the patients. More to the point, once the medication is produced you will need somebody to dispense it; consequently, if the average sales in the dispensary in the USA are 1.5 million dollars that means that Georgia will have to house 2,184 dispensaries, but with passing of HB 324 only 6 licenses will be issued. Moreover, that tells us that Georgia could possibly have an additional labor force of over 85,000 employees and this does not include the indirect employees such as security officers, transportation, lab employees, manufacturing, real estate, construction, equipment sales and maintenance, etc. Not bad for a new sector of the medical industry that has been stigmatized and for the most part none of us recognize the magnificent revenues, benefits and the quality of life that this medical cannabis can bring to the state, not including agriculture hemp. With passing of House Bill 213 allowing farmers to grow at $50 per acre.

Why we will need career training?

For those with no legal experience to put on a resume, training greatly increases your chances of getting a job in the marijuana industry! On average, a Marijuana business owner gets over 200 resumes for every opening they post! “With Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science and Clayton States certificate/CEU credits on your resume – you WILL stand out from the crowd”, states owner Dr. Yolanda Henderson and agrees Dr. Turner, Executive Director of Clayton States Continuing and Professional Education dept.

Many owners across the nation have taken our course, and they all agree – they will look for Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science trained employees first when interviewing for entry level dispensary employees – as they know our course gives them the cannabis knowledge to help them succeed. Certainly not every business owner has heard of us, but all owners can agree that some training is better than no training.

House Bill 324, which was signed into law April 17, 2019. Atlanta Georgia Academy of Cannabis Science Owner and Director, Dr. Yolanda Henderson was a large veteran Multiple Sclerosis Advocator for herself and her epileptic daughter. Her time spent rallying at the “Gold Dome” or state’s Capital, showed her courageous determination to help Georgia Law makers provide Cannabis Education to the state. The state has much work to do for example, HB 324 grants the state’s roughly 9,500 registered medical marijuana patients a way to legally obtain the product that they’ve been allowed to possess and use, but could not purchase. Georgia law has allowed patients approved by a physician (most not educated on cannabis or the endocannabinoid system not taught in Medical Schools) to possess up to 20 fluid ounces of cannabis oil since 2015, but the sale or transportation of the oil was prohibited. On Nov 12th, 2019 Georgia’s top elected leaders moved forward with a program to provide medical marijuana to the state’s 15,000 registered patients, nearly seven months after Gov. Brian Kemp signed it into law. The law further appointed staff and members of the committees that still may need further education. We are determined to provide the correct and factual education to the state of Georgia. Though we are not the two 4 year degree schools on research, we have already had our staff give us research and current information studied already throughout the U.S and world. We don’t have the time to wait with dispensing and cultivating moving forward in Georgia.

What will you learn from the classes offered in Georgia?

Classes from the Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science are comprehensive from seed to sell, cultivation to business, Medicinal cannabis to agriculture hemp.

· State specific Laws and what to expect in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

· How Marijuana helps patients and the power of different cannabinoids and terpenes

· Marijuana and the symptoms that it can minimize or alleviate

· All Marijuana products that may be available and how to direct a patient to use them without over use or negative affects.

· How to recommend the appropriate Marijuana dosage and administration routes based upon the health care diagnosis.

· How to greet customers and speak with them to understand their needs and recommend the most appropriate Marijuana product and dosage to help them have a positive experience

· The Endocannabinoid system: Learn how this little-known system in your body uses the cannabinoids to help alleviate ailments

· The main cannabinoids in cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, etc) and what each can do for your patients and the biochemicals of each.

· The ailments/diseases medical cannabis can be recommended for and which cannabinoids / terpenes work best for symptoms associated with these diseases

· How to manage Point of Sale systems, Inventory Systems and Security in the Cannabis Industry

· A Day in the Life of a Dispensary Agent, owner, Budtender/ cultivator, extractor, lab worker, lab equipment, trimmer, hemp farmer, etc with optional group field trips to legal farms in the US.

Our cannabis business and accounting educator, Mr. Normal Henderson, with 14+ years of experience working in accounting, will teach you what you need to know to be a knowledgeable, compassionate and professional marijuana business and employee in this new exciting industry.

There will be a question and answer session as well answered by previous Deputy Director of Peach Norml, Dean Sines. Please bring all your questions regarding medicinal cannabis dispensaries and cultivation!

All modules require textbooks provided by the Atlanta Georgia Academy of Cannabis Science.

Will Georgia teach the rest of the country how to formulate great resume ready jobs for medicinal cannabis and agricultural hemp, create jobs, and help people suffering from life threatening diseases? The hunger for medicinal cannabis is at a rapid rise, and Georgia is tuned in. It seems like our “Peach State” has joined the vast majority that supports the use of medicinal cannabis, easing the lives of their residents in search for a better future. If done right, the industry can bring many economic and social benefits to the state.

Who we are?

Is all of this information correct? Who is Pharmacology University also known as Atlanta Georgia Academy of Cannabis Science? Well, Pharmacology University is a group of innovators and entrepreneurs who have dedicated the last twelve years of their lives to studying and educating people and governments about Medical Cannabis in many of the States such as Hawaii, California, Colorado, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Nevada and Countries like Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The company, through their franchise Georgia operation owned and operated by Dr. Yolanda Henderson will be offering 5-week medical cannabis courses through Clayton State University, March 7, 2020. In addition, more schools and classes scheduled to open throughout Georgia. Universities who need our assistance putting a curriculum together are encouraged to contact Atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science for a contracted partnership. There are financing options and according to the courses, different schedule options as well.

You can register to attend any of these at or for more information you can call 404-631-6360 or 817-528-2475.

Let’s think of our people, let's think of Georgia! Enroll or invite your friends to sign up for our medical cannabis courses and contribute the bit that will make Georgia another compassionate state. Don’t miss this opportunity that we’ve built for you and the many of inhabitants of Georgia!

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